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About Us

Our Unique Locations

Natyv Sóul is a brand of luxuriant beauty made of rare natural ingredients procured from distant corners of the world. From Peruvian Volcanic Ash to Dead Sea Mud; from Ghanaian Cocoa Butter to French Sea Satin, every ingredient of Natyv Sóul is a hidden exotic treasure coming to light.

We are global explorers and masters of natural ingredients that are tied to native ingredients procured from exotic locations around the world.

Natyv Sóul stands for Native beauty secrets from faraway lands.

Our Exotic Ingredients

Formulated with rare, exotic, and natural ingredients that are sourced from across the globe, Natyv Sóul’s beauty products contain no harmful chemicals and no parabens and are dermatologically tested for safer use. Our belief stands in the restorative power of native plant based ingredients.

Natyv Sóul, born of exotic ingredients that have hidden beauty secrets of faraway lands. In every Natyv Sóul product, you can experience these unique ingredients, as they accentuate your beauty and nourish your soul.

The Natyv Sóul Advantage

Better Conditioning
Better Frizz Control
Damage^ Repair and Protection
Reduction in Hairfall

The Promise of Goodness

Natural care infused with exotic nourishment

No Harmful Chemicals

No Parabens

Dermatologically Tested

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